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Increasing Fat Intake When Going Paleo (in the beginning can help)

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A lot of you have asked, “what’s the secret of going paleo in the beginning?” my quick answer is, “eat meat and vegetables!”

Of course this is much more complex that just eating meat and veggies, but it’s pretty much that simple!! The reality is your body really doesn’t know the difference between breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc. It’s JUST food to the body!! So the notion of “eating something, light, for breakfast” or “eating a BIG lunch” is really something conventional wisdom has dictated.

Experiment and have fun eating things for BREAKFAST that normally you’d consider eating for dinner….and visa versa. Hold the pancakes and syrup for dinner though. 

Ok, I digress. So, you’re “going Paleo” are you? Ok, cool! So, as I mentioned in the beginning, do increase fat intake when going Paleo. Increasing your fat intake really can bode well for those starting out. Those hunger cravings and naggings for more food typically come because there’s a lack of slow burning fat in the diet. For more info, please visit for further details on the Paleo Diet. Not enough fat typically is the reason for going back to the fridge a couple times in between your standard meals to fill up.

So, with your vegetable and meat dish, do include some avocado, fats, and oils (coconut and olive are good) with that meal. Maybe increase the amount of olive oil with the salad dressing on your salad. Though dairy is not technically 100% paleo (considered Primal if we’re labeling things), whole fat organic butter can do wonders in helping satiate you. Try raw butter if possible! Put a couple tablespoons of it on those veggies! Fat is good.

Remember great grandma saying, “eat all that bacon and fat for breakfast, it’ll stick to your ribs.” She was on to something!

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