Insights into Organ Meats with Vivica Menagaz from The Nourished Caveman

Beica recently caught up with Vivica Menagaz, Nutritionist, who works out of the Chico Creek Wellness & Chiropractic office, under Dr. Deborah Penner. As some of you know, Penner was instrumental a few years back in helping me get my health back on track. CCWC offers a wide range of whole health services ranging from Chiropractic Care, to Nutrition Strategies, to Dextox Programs.

Vivica Menagaz, is taking her traditional Italian food recipes she was raised on and integrating them into our modern dishes. They are truly amazing recipes! And, for the individuals seeking nutrient dense meat options (organ meats), Vivica’s blog, The Nourished Caveman is a great place to start! Please checkout the interview here.


(0:00) Intro, (5:00) Paleo Washing and Carbs, (7:00) Organ Meats, (13:03) Grains and inflammation, (19:00) Dr. Melvin Page and food, (26:00) Wheat and processed food in our modern diet (30:00) Overview of cases to “fixing” your health through your digestion (34:00) Health gut as a foundation for life 



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