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Is Wheat Keeping You Fat? Eat The Right Food for Optimal Health….

Why are we drawn to the “before” and “after” pictures? Why are shows like “The Biggest Looser” so interesting to us? We absolutely LOVE the instant gratification of the before and after shots. I mean, come on, watching “The Biggest Looser” will reveal results with the contestants in just 60 short minutes! These pictures and TV shows are selling the dream. We love reality and drama! Did you know that over 98% of the contestants that appear on “TBL” ultimately gain the weight right back? People in the biz call this Yo-yo-ing! But you knew this already, didn’t you? You’ve been yo-yo-ing most of your life, right?

How many of us have yo-yo-ed on the latest diet? The latest quick fix diet that will TRANSFORM you in just 48 hours so you can get into that little dress for the party on Friday. The Hollywood diet. The South Beach Diet. Slim Fast Shakes. Nutri-systems. Weight Watchers….and on and on and on. Selling hope is all they’re doing, because all of those diets are as sustainable as training for the Olympics 6-7 days a week for 3-4 hours a day….how long could you keep THAT up?

We’ve seen it time and time again, dramatic results by simply eliminating wheat and all the products associated with grain. Calories are not counted, portion control is non existent! Simply eating whole real foods – single ingredient foods. Vegetables, some fruits (don’t go overboard on fruit if weight loss is your goal), pasture raised meats, foul, fish, occasional nuts, and good oils and fats. Pretty simple.

Part of the problem with “diets” are three fold: They are typically A). a caloric restricting diet, B). don’t guide you to eating real food, real fats, real nutrient dense foods …And, there’s a sneaky little “C” in there, WHEAT! As many of you already know, wheat is simply NOT an optimal food choice. We can go on and on about other choices, but the ONE food that is causing so many problems is wheat and gluten found in it! Gliadin, the newly engineered little-bugger-protein found in wheat, is also to blame as it causes the habitual cravings for more more more! By eliminating wheat, we can regain our “portion control” by as much as 400+ calories per day, and know when to say, “ok, I’m full.” 

GUT CHECK time! 

Here are five strong indicators you’ve got a problem with wheat (and most other grains).

1). High blood sugar

2). Skin problems like rashes, acne, and eczema 

3) Bouts of anxiety and depression – low energy

4) Gut disorders – yeast infections

5) Early aging disorders that include dementia

From personal experience I can tell you there are no secrete little pill, no gimmicks, no tricks. Even exercise is over rated, but that’s another topic (smart exercise and fitness, not the 2 hours at the gym each day on the treadmill). I digress. Learning to eat the right foods and eliminate those that are making us sick is totally liberating! Beica is a battle cry for “CAUSE” for “CHANGE!” Be a part of this movement of good health and well being, because you can! We hear so often about motivation and drive. People ARE motivated and DO have drive, but when something “out of our control” is in the way, like this wheat thing, we can’t find the motivation. Without wheat, the motivation and drive comes back in full force. Really!

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Another amazing transformation! Some may think it’s impossible. How could eliminating “healthy whole grains” be so profound? Conventional wisdom folks keeps many of you on the path for failure. We need to start thinking and acting on our own. Doing the research ON OUR OWN and finding things out by doing and not allowing the status quo to dictate our lives. Take charge and ditch the fracking wheat! You’ll be amazed!








We would love to hear your Beica Story! Tell us how you’ve successfully kicked the wheat habit and are now on with your life! If we share your story, we’ll send you a Beica “Because I Can” shirt or tank. Keep in touch and stay on track. No wheat now!


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