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Is Wheat Keeping You Fat? Eat The Right Food for Optimal Health….

Why are we drawn to the “before” and “after” pictures? Why are shows like “The Biggest Looser” so interesting to us? We absolutely LOVE the instant gratification of the before and after shots. I mean, come on, watching “The Biggest Looser” will reveal results with the contestants in just 60 short minutes! These pictures and TV shows are selling the dream. We love reality and drama! Did you know that over 98% of the contestants that appear on “TBL” ultimately gain the weight right back? People in the biz call this Yo-yo-ing! But you knew this already, didn’t you? You’ve been yo-yo-ing most of your life, right?

How many of us have yo-yo-ed on the latest diet? The latest quick fix diet that will TRANSFORM you in just 48 hours so you can get into that little dress for the party on Friday. The Hollywood diet. The South Beach Diet. Slim Fast Shakes. Nutri-systems. Weight Watchers….and on and on and on. Selling hope is all they’re doing, because all of those diets are as sustainable as training for the Olympics 6-7 days a week for 3-4 hours a day….how long could you keep THAT up?

We’ve seen it time and time again, dramatic results by simply eliminating wheat and all the products associated with grain. Calories are not counted, portion control is non existent! Simply eating whole real foods – single ingredient foods. Vegetables, some fruits (don’t go overboard on fruit if weight loss is your goal), pasture raised meats, foul, fish, occasional nuts, and good oils and fats. Pretty simple.

Part of the problem with “diets” are three fold: They are typically A). a caloric restricting diet, B). don’t guide you to eating real food, real fats, real nutrient dense foods …And, there’s a sneaky little “C” in there, WHEAT! As many of you already know, wheat is simply NOT an optimal food choice. We can go on and on about other choices, but the ONE food that is causing so many problems is wheat and gluten found in it! Gliadin, the newly engineered little-bugger-protein found in wheat, is also to blame as it causes the habitual cravings for more more more! By eliminating wheat, we can regain our “portion control” by as much as 400+ calories per day, and know when to say, “ok, I’m full.” 

GUT CHECK time! 

Here are five strong indicators you’ve got a problem with wheat (and most other grains).

1). High blood sugar

2). Skin problems like rashes, acne, and eczema 

3) Bouts of anxiety and depression – low energy

4) Gut disorders – yeast infections

5) Early aging disorders that include dementia

From personal experience I can tell you there are no secrete little pill, no gimmicks, no tricks. Even exercise is over rated, but that’s another topic (smart exercise and fitness, not the 2 hours at the gym each day on the treadmill). I digress. Learning to eat the right foods and eliminate those that are making us sick is totally liberating! Beica is a battle cry for “CAUSE” for “CHANGE!” Be a part of this movement of good health and well being, because you can! We hear so often about motivation and drive. People ARE motivated and DO have drive, but when something “out of our control” is in the way, like this wheat thing, we can’t find the motivation. Without wheat, the motivation and drive comes back in full force. Really!

Picture 16



Another amazing transformation! Some may think it’s impossible. How could eliminating “healthy whole grains” be so profound? Conventional wisdom folks keeps many of you on the path for failure. We need to start thinking and acting on our own. Doing the research ON OUR OWN and finding things out by doing and not allowing the status quo to dictate our lives. Take charge and ditch the fracking wheat! You’ll be amazed!








We would love to hear your Beica Story! Tell us how you’ve successfully kicked the wheat habit and are now on with your life! If we share your story, we’ll send you a Beica “Because I Can” shirt or tank. Keep in touch and stay on track. No wheat now!


Is Smoking Salmon Paleo?

Is Smoking Salmon Paleo? I’d have to say, with an overwhelming roar, YES!!! My smoking salmon conquest continues today….

I want to recognize that, right now, in Northern California we’re in the middle of summer, we have high temperatures, and the valley is already a bit “smokey” from our seasonal fires, but dog-gone-it, the salmon are running and this is the time of year Native Americans started the ritual, for crying out loud! I have to do it! As it turns out, our ancestors and ancient humans have been “smoking” meats as a way to preserve for 1,000s of years dating prehistory!


Picture 14

I’ve always been attracted to the use of fire and smoke. What guy isn’t, right? There’s something so darned primitive and primal about it. We huddle around the fire while camping with friends, telling stories and staring at the flame. We are haunted by fire and smoke. 

Today, I’m smoking the salmon in the most primitive method I feel comfortable with, natural hardwood flame/smoke  (with the wood foraged from the neighborhood – totally primal!) With this method, you’re a little more tied to the process with tending the fire throughout the day. Fortunately, I work from home, so between calls, emails, and meetings I’m able to break away and see it’s progress. I’ve even set the timer on the ‘ole iPhone as to not forget – totally primal!

Here’s an interesting side note: Smoking salmon actually makes it BETTER for us! Really?…Really. An abstract found here, from 2009, indicates the oxidation of the oils is LESS oxidized (and better, more stable) when consumed. So, from a highest benefit, bang for the paleo buck perspective, Is Smoking Salmon Paleo? Yes ma’am!

Here’s a basic recipe to get you started. After consulting the internet, it’s become VERY clear that A). There are a lot of freaking “experts” on how to best smoke meats, B). Everyone has an opinion, and C). It’s more of an art than science, so don’t get frustrated your first time! 

In a large bowl mix the following:

  • One quart of water
  • 1/2 cup of Sea Salt (use the good stuff – NOT Morton)
  • 3/4 cup of honey (you can use sugar or brown sugar, but I typically don’t use refined sugars)
  • tablespoon of pepper flakes
  • A few shakes of Gluten Free Soy Sauce (1/4 cup or so).

Again, this recipe is JUST a stepping off point. You can add just about anything you’d like. Salt and sweet (or not) is about the only thing you really need to do. Some just do the salt. 

Mix it all together and make sure everything is desolved, then add your salmon either whole slabs, small chucks or anything in between.

Let sit 10-12 hours in the refrigerator overnight.  

The next day (today) is smoking day!! YES! As mentioned, I have a pretty standard Brinkmann wood smoker. Sort of a little black “R2D2” unit, but breaths fire and doesn’t talk back! The smoker has a bottom pan for the fire, a water pan, and two racks. Today, I’m just using the one rack as I only have about 3 lbs of salmon.

Picture 9











The wood has been foraged from the neighborhood. I love doing that. Some oak slabs chopped into chips, some almond wood, and a bit of old mesquite wood for starting. I’ve soaked the oak chips and have added them throughout the process.

I’m taking this batch of salmon on a two night backpack trip, so I’ve gone longer on the smoking process to make it more “jerky” like. Again, everyone has an opinion on the length of time you would smoke. This all depends on the finished product you’re after. Shorter smoking = more moist. Longer = dryer. All I know is I can’t wait to have some at 7,000′ with a dram of 15 year Scotch. Ah, Scotchy, Scotchy, Scotch. Ahem, pardon me for the digression. :)

Picture 11










The above pic is the finished product! My favorite time to smoke meat is during the cooler months of November and December with a nice 15 year Scotch. It’s such a guy thing! If you have access to a smoker, I highly recommend giving it a try. 

Happy smoking!




Gluten (Wheat) Toxicity With Humans – Kurt’s Story

Conventional wisdom within the medical community has labeled folks that have a wheat gluten allergy as “Gluten Sensitive” or “Gluten Intolerant,” as if this is THEIR problem or fault. The reality is, wheat has never really been good for us! That’s a whole other topic for debate and discussion.

The wheat hybrid cultivar of today contains extremely high levels of Gluten. Gluten is Latin for “glue.” Oh, really? I can here Church Lady now, “Can you say Saaaatiiin?” Let’s call a spade a spade and recognize words like “sensitive” and “intolerant” are easier on the ears than, “TOXICITY.” But that’s really what gluten is, flat out toxic, poison, to the human body! It’s also highly addictive and THAT is why we can’t seem to resist our want for it. Read up on gliadin and it’s addictive properties.

As time goes on, we are finding more and more people are feeling the effects of Gluten Toxicity. On an extreme case we have what is known as celiac’s disease which can affect 1 in 120. However, you don’t need to be celiac to know wheat/gluten is likely wreaking havoc on the “healthiest” of bodies out there. Dr. William Davis and others within the medical community estimate 80% or more of us have some sort of intolerance to wheat….ah, duh, the stuff is TOXIC, remember!

We recently sat down with Kurt Lundberg who happens to be VERY “sensitive” to gluten…boarderline celiac (but we’d rather not put a label on him). He is now eating a real human diet free of wheat and other gluten sources and has realized just how messed up he was until he found out the root cause of his problems – wheat toxicity. 

Beica: Thanks for talking with us Kurt! I think our followers will find your story inspiring as well as a little graphic, but let’s get started! Can you share a little background on how you discovered you were so affected by wheat?

Kurt: Well, it all started about 10 years ago when I ate Kentucky fried chicken and a whole bag of red vines — uh oh! I can now look back and see exactly what caused all of my episodes! After eating that, I was up all night, tossing and turning and throwing up! Diarrhea and bloody, yucky, stools and felling terrible! I ended up in the emergency room. In the end the doctors said, “you just have a bad stomach.” They said this right after I threw up red vines all over the emergency room floor!

Beica: WOW, gross! 

Kurt: I know, totally!…Days and months passed with aggravating feelings every once in a while and episodes that were similar, but without health insurance I sucked it up and went on. I tried no salsa in my burritos, lighter beer, more cereal for breakfast, soft bread and crackers — all massive faults! I visited the emergency room 5 more times in the last 10 years, numerous visits to Dr’s Offices, and 2 trips to the Oncologist — all negative for celiac and cancer and gall stones. They said irritable bowel, acid reflux, gall bladder disease, heartburn or take pepcid or the purple pill. Try less coffee, stay away from spicy stuff, and take these when you feel it coming on.

Beica: Unbelievable Kurt! We find it amazing to hear these stories…virtually ALL of those symptoms go away by eliminating wheat. So simple. As you know, conventional wisdom will say, “here, take this pill.” Frustrating!

Kurt: I know! My hands and feet started to dry up! They were so bad I couldn’t use soap in the shower and wore gloves to do the dishes. The steroid cream they gave me worked a little but it always came back. One of my molars cracked and a filling fell out. My heartburn was unbearable at times and along with Tums I ate ice all day long to ease the pain!! I tried the purple pill, Tums, pepto bismol, pepcid and numerous other things all of which worked for a bit but in the end the stomach pain and heartburn and diarrhea always came back. Bloody, gross stools, frequent urination, vomiting at least twice a month to get the terrible feeling out.

Check this out, I finally came up with a “cure” — throw up and take hot and cold showers, fast for a day, and hope it will go away!! That was what I lived with for the last 4 years!!

Beica: 4 years could drive someone insane! Amazing. It’s no wonder our health care system is in such the sorry state it’s in. It’s a domino effect – prescribing pills and drugs that ultimately do nothing. In fact, likely cause other issues. Taking this for that and then THIS for THAT! So Kurt, what did you’re diet consist of during this time?

Kurt: Mainly cereals or bagels for breakfast, burrito or sandwich for lunch and pasta or pizza or something with bread for dinner. Not to mention beer, crackers, cookies and other snack items. Eventually after 4 or 5 days of this building up I would have an episode not thinking for a second that it was the wheat! Nice soft bread, saltines, nilla wafers, wheat thins…how can those be bad?

Beica: I know, right? This sounds like the SAD diet to me? You know, The Standard American Diet? We just aren’t meant to be eating this way!! Things are so upside down. Carbs, carbs, carbs in the form of wheat. A recipe for disaster!

So, what was the turning point?

Kurt: I found a friend, Allison St. Sure, on Christmas Eve about seven years ago (Allison’s husband and I are friends). She immediately asked about my hands, “how are you – what’s up with your hands?” I told her about my ailments and she directed me straight to her website. I almost cried when I read the symptoms — ice cravings, heartburn, stomach pain so bad it makes you vomit, skin diseases, restless sleep, muscle cramps, etc — the list went on and on and every one of the things I could relate to!

Three days after dropping wheat during that 2006 Christmas, my hands were no longer cut and I felt great eating whatever (gluten free), whenever – I also dropped 20 pounds! From an unhealthy 195 to 175! After a month I realized this was it (Gluten Toxicity). I knew within a week that this was the best thing I had done! No more steroid cream and rubber gloves at night, no more bathroom visits all day long and no more HEARTBURN!!! I was feeling better too, not just physically, but mentally as well!

Beica: Have you had any “accidents” since figuring it out? Just how intolerant are you?

Kurt: A couple of years ago I got a little lazy and forgot to ask our food server if they marinated the meat– my bad. The meat was marinated with Lawry’s taco seasoning — DEATH — I was in the bathroom within an hour and threw it all up. The symptoms were exactly the same — pain below the sternum, nausea, heartburn, vomiting and foul stools!! It only lasted for a few hours and I made it through but I knew that this was for real!!

Beica: Aren’t you amazed at how many people across the country and around the world are starting to understand all this? 

Kurt: Totally! And, thanks to the internet, I can instantly check ingredients of anything. My label reading has become a constant at all stores. It takes time but it works. I even dig through the trash after people have made things just to make sure!! Takes more time in the kitchen to cook things but I’ve found that the diet not only cures the pain but it is a healthy diet. I was filling myself with bagels in the morning, sandwiches at lunch, pizza at night and BEER — thick beer! Exactly what I will never do again.

Beica: Do you miss the Standard American Diet? haha.

Kurt: I miss bagels and pizza, but the happiness from not feeling so bad makes it easy not eat the crap food! I don’t even crave it anymore. I’ve found crustless quiche instead! The feeling was so bad that I don’t even hesitate when someone offers some crackers or cookies or pizza — no thanks, I’ll pass. When you discover that wheat and gluten is what causes the pain the cravings disappear for those foods. Rice noodles are great, lettuce wrapped burgers from In-N-Out, and lots of meat and fish with rubs instead of marinades. I feel great. It’s been 7 years and I haven’t felt better!
Beica: Thanks for taking some time to share your story Kurt! Keep in touch!

Gluten (wheat) toxicity with humans is real. As we’ve said again and again, ditch the wheat and just watch how your health improves! Please share Kurt’s story with ANYONE you know that has health issues. It may sound crazy, but just about any problem can lead back to gluten toxicity: Heartburn, skin issues, infections, gastronomical issues (the farts?), brain fog, anxiety issues, food addictions, highs and lows with blood sugars, weight problems (both fat and skinny), joint pain and arthritis, sleep disorders, attention deficit issues (especially in children), and on and on! Really! Beica is about the CAUSE, the CARE, and the CAN! We need to stand up to big agri-business. Stand up to big-Pharma. And, stand up for our children’s health. Drop the wheat!

Thanks for sharing,